NZ Tour Recordings, part one

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Long time no see!

So we went to New Zealand and played some shows with our awesome pal Young Lions… here are some recordings! More to come soon.

The first one is from Happy, Wellington on Feb 20. Sarah Kate Stuart on drums.

Happy Wellington 20022010

Here’s one from a warehouse party at an awesome place called Garrett Street the next day. Our pals from Psychic Jams had covered the Stooges at the Happy show, so we thought it only fair to return the favour by making our set a ‘loose’ cover of ‘We Will Fall’. Sarah Kate Stuart on vocals/drums.

Garrett Street Wellington 21022010

A couple of days later we played in Port Chalmers, Dunedin at a cool place called Chicks with Robert Scott (The Clean, The Bats). Nobody was at this show… a popular rock band were playing in the next town over… but we got our friend Mike Dooley (Toy Love, Snapper) to play drums and it was sweet. Here Sarah Kate Stuart plays guitar…

Chicks Port Chalmers 25022010

This one is from the last show of the tour at Wunderbar in Lyttleton! It was just Rene and Dan this time, SKS had to fly back to Auckland. Rene broke his bass and Dan drummed for maybe the last time ever, thankfully.

Wunderbar Lyttleton 28022010



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This is a great, ferocious set Aktion Unit played at a houseparty in Thornbury, Melbourne, on 10 January 2010. As well as Dan Lewis and Rene Schaefer on guitars and assorted noises, Elise Bishop (Bad Cop Bad Cop, Aux Assembly, On) played some shit-hot bass frequencies, Mark Skelton (Galactagogue, John Butler Fucks Kidz, Y35.3) provided power electronics, and Natasha Samuels attacked guitar, drums and upright piano. Yep, there was a ton of shit happening! We’re all dooomed!!!

Download Aktion Unit 100110


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This is a recording of Aktion Unit’s set at The Old Bar on 6 January 2010. Aktion Unit on this occasion consisted of Dan Lewis (casio, guitar and vocal), Rene Schaefer (bass), Jess Cornelius (guitar) and Dimitra (drums, vocal). Also playing on the night was Dimitra’s awesome new band Hoops and another band called Duns. This is quite a long set by Aktion Unit standards at 28 minutes. Enjoy!<a

Download Aktion Unit 060110


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this is a recording from july ’09. Bonnie Mercer (Grey Daturas, Breathing Shrine) plays guitar.

(this is the same recording which appears on our CD-R ‘Teenage Witch’) 080709 oldbar w bonnie.mp3


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this one’s from a show at Loophole in July. Mark Skelton (John Butler Fucks Kidz, Galactagogue, Y35.3) joined us on synth alongside Ricky Skelton from Actor Slash Model on drums.. other bands were Acid Casualty, Powerfuck, Yakks & Franco Cozzo.. 100709 w Skelton Ricky Loophole.mp3


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on September 9 last year we supported Matt Horseshit from Psychedelic Horseshit, in collaboration with 2/3 of Electric Jellyfish (Adam Camilleri & Michael Beach). here’s the recording! UnitĀ Elec Jelly 070909 Old Bar.mp3


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here’s a set from Horse Bazaar, Melbourne on August 28. Liam from Fourteen Nights At Sea plays drums on this one. there was noone at the show and we played along the film ‘Annie’.

AU on this occasion was Rene Schaefer, Dan Lewis and Liam Matthews (drums) UnitĀ 200809 Liam Horsebazaar.mp3